WooCommerce Integration

Today we released a WooCommerce Beta version to all customers. Due to time constraints we have fast tracked what would normally be a more private Beta version available to early access requests.

Saasu supports syncing completed AUD Sales Orders from your WooCommerce store into your Saasu file. This is a one way sync from WooCommerce to Saasu. It doesn’t sync changes you make to WooCommerce orders in Saasu back to your store.

The in-built integration is free on all plans and it does not count toward your API use either.

In this first version we had to built the infrastructure that supports inbuilt connections generally as we prepare for release of Shopify and other e-commerce platforms. This was a heavy development load at the same time as multiple STP/Covid/Tax related changes so the first release is not complete. In the future we will add the ability to:

  • Create Tax Invoices
  • Apply the payments
  • Support foreign currencies
  • Sync products/items.

We recommend setting up a test file in Saasu temporarily for a test cycle.

Learn how to setup the in-built add-on for WooCommerce.

The option to start a synch is design to bring down recent data. We do our own regular synch in the background (hourly approximately) but this is a way you can control things to some degree.

Things you will still need to do regularly:

  • Convert Sales Orders to Tax Invoices and apply payments in Saasu
  • Have the items setup in Saasu with item codes matching to WooCommerce product SKUs.
  • We aren’t sync’ing changes you make to WooCommerce orders in Saasu back to your store.

If you have any requirements or suggestions feel free to create a service ticket after signing into your Saasu file and Settings (Cog Icon) and then Contact Us select Feature Request. Our designers and developers will be reviewing those tickets for the next version being built.