Online accounting features

Online Accounting essentials

All the online accounting features you need to run your business.

  • Dashboard bank balances, sales and upcoming payments.
  • Ledger supporting cash and accruals accounting.
  • Search finds anything in a second.
  • Accept online credit card payments with Stripe, PayPal, eWay and Briantree connections built-in.
  • Online accounting that is auto-updated.
  • Mobile apps for Apple and Android.
  • Export attachments and transactions at any time.

Online invoicing

Online accounting makes you look like a pro:

  • Accept credit cards with in-built connections to eWay, PayPal, Stripe and Braintree payment gateways.
  • Customer Invoice Portal.
  • Track money owed by customers.
  • Automatically invoice your regular customers.
  • Quoting and Sales Orders.
  • Adjustment Notes.
  • Automated statement runs.
  • Statement reminders scheduled for overdue accounts.
  • Upload your logo, pick your fonts, colours and select a theme.
  • Email a simple list of unpaid invoices to your customer.
  • Drop ship bliss by creating a purchase from a Sale.


Online accounting allows you to easily purchases and expenses.

  • Track money you owe your suppliers and staff.
  • Automatically create invoices for your recurring sales.
  • Track money you owe your suppliers and staff.
  • Affiliate and Recipient Created Tax Invoices.
  • Attach receipts and invoices to transactions.

Bank Feeds

Bank feeds can be used to reconcile your online accounting transactions, or use our automatic bank feeds to create transactions.

  • Daily Bank and PayPal Feeds.
  • Create transactions from bank feed data.
  • Match transactions in Saasu with the imported bank data.
  • Automate transaction matching with bank rules.
  • Fast coding screen for power users.

Cashflow Forecaster

Feel the weight lift off your shoulders. Online accounting that forecasts your cashflow.

  • Automated cashflow forecast (3 months).
  • No setup. No importing. No budgets or spreadsheets.
  • Forecaster uses your actual transaction data.
  • Set expected cashflow dates on transactions.
  • Drag and drop cash basis expected payment dates.
  • Cashflow graph re-builds with new online accounting data.
  • Set the Bank Accounts, Overdrafts or Credit Cards to include in cashflow balances


Track your inventory, purchasing and supply-chain.

  • On or off balance sheet tracking.
  • Inventory Price List.
  • Stock Take and Stock Alert reports.
  • E-commerce and POS add-ons.
  • Bundle and Build Items (Combo Items).
  • Automated build accounting.
  • Supplier list importing updates your prices.
  • Re-order quantity.
  • Virtual items.

Single Touch Payroll

Fast, simple pays or pay runs.

  • STP, PAYG and Superstream.
  • Tax calculations and Tax Table updates.
  • Timesheets to Pays.
  • Pay Groups for Pay Runs.
  • Track overtime rates, uniform and travel allowances.
  • Pay Officer approval.
  • Default pay setup per employee.
  • Salary package custom pay items.

Multiple currencies

Operate foreign currency accounts, creating sales and purchases which are automatically converted back to your base currency for easy reporting.

  • Support for over 50 foreign currencies.
  • Exchange rates are updated daily.
  • OFX connection built in.
  • Two way currency converter is built in.

Reporting and Insights

Run reports on transaction basis contact activity.

  • Customise and filter reports.
  • Tag contacts and transactions into reportable groups.
  • Sales reports by sales managers, customers or inventory items.
  • Budgets with forecasts vs. actual.
  • Job and project tags.
  • BAS reports.
  • Balance sheet with margins, budgets and compares.
  • Profit and Loss.
  • Stock reports.


Life is easier for sales and support staff by keeping track of all correspondence and activities with clients and suppliers.

  • Tag contacts for reporting and marketing.
  • Addresses link to Google Maps.
  • Research contacts on social sites.
  • De-duplicate your contact list.
  • Import contacts (update or add).
  • Create Activities and assign.
  • Store attachments.
  • Connect your CRM to Saasu Online Accounting.


Online accounting systems often have the most reliable data in your business because it’s used to bill and communicate with your customers.

  • Tag customers for marketing or analysis of segments.
  • Report by Tag to benchmark and compare activity and performance.
  • Tags can be used to set contact status in your sales cycle.
  • Contact Groups bundle like customers together.
  • Set the Sales person or account manager for each contact.

API and add-ons

User Access

  • Multi-user access.
  • Collaborate with your accountant online.
  • Timesheets for employees and contractors.
  • Banker “read-only” to facilitate loan approvals.
  • Custom Access Levels.
  • User audit trail.