Online Accounting essentials

Everything you need to run your business from anywhere. It’s time to make owning a business rewarding again.

  • DASHBOARD: See bank balances, sales and upcoming payments.
  • LEDGER: The backbone of your accounting records.
  • SEARCH: Type nearly anything and search finds it in a snap.
  • ONLINE PAYMENTS: Accept online credit card payments [1]
  • AUTO-UPDATES: Latest version and newest features.
  • MOBILE APP: Use Saasu Online Accounting on your phone.
  • EXPORT DATA: export attachments and transactions (CSV) at any time.

[1] Requires Stripe, eWay or Braintree

Professional online invoicing

Easily create personalised invoices, with or without accompanying payments, all from the same screen. Start with Sales Opportunities and Estimates, and progress them to Orders and Sales. Cash is king so stop debtors falling behind with Saasu’s scheduled statements and reminders. With Saasu online and mobile payments you get an easy way to provide credit card and/or PayPal payment options to your customers.

  • RECEIVABLES: Track money owed by customers.
  • RECURRING: Automatically invoice your regular customers.
  • AUTOMATIC STATEMENTS: Schedule and send statements automatically.
  • SALES OPPORTUNITIES: Create sales opportunities which affect cash flow forecasts.
  • QUOTES: Prepare and send quotes on-site, or as soon as opportunity.
  • SALES ORDERS: Issue sales and purchase orders internally and to customers.
  • CREDIT/ADJUSTMENT NOTES: Refunds and credits against account balances.
  • OVERDUE ALERTS: Schedule statement reminders to overdue accounts.
  • UPLOAD YOUR LOGO: Create a professional image with branded stationery.
  • CUSTOMISE: Create beautifully designed invoices and statements capturing your brand.
  • MERGE FIELDS: Put the information you want on your invoices.
  • OUTSTANDING INVOICES: Email or mail a simple list of invoices your customer has unpaid.
  • DROP SHIP: Automatically create a Purchase from a Sales order just created.


Online accounting allows you to easily add business expenses, employee expenses or purchases all from the same screen. Attach documents and receipts to your transactions.

  • PAYABLES: Track money you owe your suppliers and staff
  • RECURRING PURCHASES: Automatically create invoices for your regular purchases
  • PAYABLES: Track money you owe your suppliers and staff
  • COMMISSION/REFERRAL: Affiliate and Recipient Created Tax Invoices

Bank Feeds

Quickly reconcile your online accounts, or use our automatic bank feeds to keep everything up-to-date. Designed with both business owners and accountants in mind, our automatic account updates make everyones’ job easier. Simply sign-in each morning to quickly approve reconciled transactions, split across multiple payments and pick out any obscure transactions. Saasu’s intelligent matching system will learn your habits, and quickly adapt to trends as they appear.

  • DAILY BANK FEEDS: Bank transactions appear in Saasu before you wake up.
  • DAILY PAYPAL FEEDS: PayPal transactions appear in Saasu automatically.
  • AUTO TRANSACTION MATCHING: Bank rules process large volumes of transactions fast.
  • FAST CODING SCREEN: Check that your bank and accounting records match.
  • BANK RECONCILIATION: Regular transactions are linked to the correct invoice.

Cashflow Forecaster

Forecaster ™ is the power to see the future. Instant cash flow forecasting. Feel the weight lift off your shoulders. No more fear about your cash flow. Now you are in control with online accounting.

  • CASHFLOW FORECASTER: Set when funds arrive and leave or let Saasu do the calcs.
  • TODAY ONWARDS: Forecaster starts with today. The rest of the graph is the future.
  • INSTANT ON: No setup. No importing. No budgets or spreadsheets. Forecaster uses your actual transaction data.
  • EXPECTED DATES: Set dates on transactions when you think you will be paid, or Saasu can use the due date
  • DRAG DROP CASHFLOW: Drag cashflow movements to different dates as the real world changes. You may collect money early or people might pay late
  • REAL TIME GRAPH: The cashflow graph re-renders as your cashflows change and new info enters your Saasu file
  • WORKING CAPITAL: Easily set which Bank Accounts, Overdrafts or Credit Cards can be relied on to calculate cashflow balances


Track your inventory with powerful inventory management, purchasing and supply-chain tools.

  • ON OR OFF BALANCE SHEET: Choose how inventory items are accounted for.
  • PRICE LIST: Organise the products and services you offer.
  • VIRTUAL ITEMS: Trade items with variable volumes.
  • VOUCHER: Run voucher promotions across limited time frames.
  • STOCK TAKE: Quickly perform business-wide stock takes.
  • RE-SUPPLY: Auto-flag refill levels so supplies are always optimised.
  • E-COMMERCE ADD-ONS: Connect to your e-commerce website through our flexible API.
  • BUILD ITEMS: Build or Assemble stock from your Inventory Items into Combo Items.
  • BUNDLE/KIT: Bundle or Kit Items together to sell as one Combo Item.
  • BUILD ACCOUNTING: Automatically updating quantities and components as you build.
  • LOCATIONS: Monitor inventory items across multiple locations.
  • SERIAL NUMBERS: Assign unique serial numbers to your products and builds.
  • ITEM ATTRIBUTES: Customise inventory descriptors.
  • MERGE FIELDS: Serial, Batch and Location merge fields available.
  • EXPIRY DATES: Keep tabs on expiry dates to know what goes out first.
  • SUPPLIER LIST IMPORT: Import stock spreadsheets with de-duplication. Keep items up-to-date.
  • STOCK ALERTS: Get warned when you run low on products and materials.
  • RE-ORDER QUANTITY: Set the minimum quantity for items to be automatically re-ordered.
  • POINT-OF-SALE: Connect Kounta, SprintPos or Amicus POS software to Saasu Online Accounting.


Fast, simple pay runs

  • TAX CALCS: Automatic tax calculation makes pay runs easy.
  • TAX TABLE UPDATES (AU only): Updated annually and automatically at no extra cost.
  • TIME SHEETS: Review hours worked and calculate waged pay automatically.
  • EMPLOYEE ACCESS: Employees can fill in their own time sheets online.
  • PAY GROUPS: Assign employees to a group so you can pay them all at once.
  • AUTOMATIC PAY RUNS: Schedule pay runs for individuals and groups.
  • EMPLOYEE ENTITLEMENTS: Track overtime rates, uniform and travel allowances.
  • PAY OFFICER APPROVAL: Customise User Roles to control who has edits/approves pays.
  • DEFAULT PAY SETUP: Process a pay with just a few clicks.
  • SALARY PACKAGE: Track custom pay items to create the package you need.

Multiple currencies

Operate foreign currency accounts, creating sales and purchases which are automatically converted back to your base currency for easy reporting.

  • ALL MAJOR CURRENCIES: Support for over 50 foreign currencies.
  • DAILY FX RATES: Exchange rates are updated daily.
  • OZFOREX CONNECTED: Optionally pay foreign currency transactions via a built in OzForex connection.
  • FX CALCULATOR: Two way currency converter is built in.

Reporting and Insights

Run reports on transaction and contact activity, and delve even deeper into what makes your business tick. With all the calculations done for you, you can focus on making sure the graph is trending the right way.

  • CUSTOMISE AND FILTER: Extensive customisation and filtering of reports.
  • TAGS: Organise contacts and transactions into seasonal groups, geographical regions, or any other category applicable to your business.
  • SALES REPORT: Run reports by sales managers, customers or inventory items.
  • BUDGETS: Compare forecast vs. actual performance
  • JOB TAG: Create a tag for each job or project
  • TAX CODE REPORT: The amounts and types of tax liabilities.
  • BALANCE SHEET: Margins, budgets, comparisons and consolidation
  • PROFIT & LOSS: An overview of your business profitability
  • STOCK REPORTS: Keep an eye on inventory levels and review trading history.

Address book and customer database

Make life easier for sales and support staff by keeping track of all correspondence with your clients and suppliers. Record voicemail messages or phone calls, and attach documents to related transactions so that everything’s on file.

  • CONTACT TAGS: Tags help categorise contacts and create lists for marketing.
  • GOOGLE MAPS: Customer and supplier addresses link to Google Maps.
  • SKYPE: Use Skype for instant speed dialing.
  • SOCIAL LINKS: Link directly to profiles on popular social networking sites.
  • CONTACT DE-DUPLICATION TOOLS: Messed up your import? Fix it all with a fresh spreadsheet import.
  • IMPORT CONTACTS: Bring your lists from other systems and create one source of truth.

Customer commitments

Need to follow-up that hot prospect? Don’t want to forget the next invoice date for your project? Want to document the latest client approval? Keep track of your activities and client notes using Saasu’s activities. Assign to-do tasks to staff and view a history of activities across each contact and transaction.

  • ACTIVITIES: Record notes, tasks and communications with your business contacts.
  • ATTACH FILES & DOCS: Save attachments to your contact records
  • CRM INTEGRATION: Connect your CRM to Saasu Online Accounting
  • PROJECTS & PRODUCTIVITY: Track projects by tagging related contacts, transactions and invoice line items.
  • TO DO’S: assign Activities employees to employees for Projects and Jobs


Accounting systems often have the most reliable data in your business because it’s used to bill and communicate with your customers. Seize this advantage for marketing by using Tags, Contact Groups and Contact Manager fields for customer segmentation and thus robust marketing campaign management.

  • TAGS: can be used to add customers to interest groups.
  • TAGS:, whether these be geographical, industry type or other points of interest.
  • TAG FILTERING: Report by Tag to benchmark and compare activity and performance.
  • EMAIL MARKETING ADD-ONS: Connect to popular campaign management tools. [2]
  • TRIGGER: Send out targeted communications to contacts by segment Tags.
  • CONTACT STATUS TRACKING: Tags can set the status of a contact in your Sales/Nurturing cycle.
  • CONTACT GROUPS: Bundle like customers together for billing, statements and business divisions.
  • CONTACT MANAGER: Set the Sales person or account manager for your contact.

[2] Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp

API and add-ons

  • 50+ ADD-ONS: Online Accounting Best of Breed Add-ons
  • API CONNECT: Connect your existing business software to Saasu.
  • RUBY SDK: Go to docs.
  • C# .NET SDK: Go to docs.
  • SELF DOCUMENTING API: Always up to date Get to docs.
  • SINGLE SIGN-ON: SAML Authentication endpoints for Saasu Platform Partners.
  • XML & JSON: submit and return data in both XML and JSON data formats.
  • HYPERMEDIA: supports the notion of Hypermedia or self discovery via resource links.

User Access

  • UNLIMITED USERS: Give as many people access to your accounts as you like
  • INIVTE YOUR ADVISOR: Give your accountant access to Saasu Online Accounting and collaborate in real time
  • INVITE CONTRACTORS: Let contractors fill in Saasu timesheets
  • BANKER ACCESS: Provide shadow ledger “read-only” access for fast loan approvals
  • CUSTOM ACCESS LEVELS: Complete control over what users can see and do
  • USER AUDIT TRAIL: Track who has accessed your data, and when