You can add many types of Activities to Saasu. Any activity can be just about anything. Something you do, something you receive, some information, a project, a plan etc. Nearly everything you do in business is an Activity of one form or another. Meetings, Notes, Milestones etc. When we put Activities into Saasu we didn’t want to presume how you would like to use them. We have provided a startup list of Activities. You can decide what you keep, it’s your business.

How do I add an activity?

  1. Go to Add > Activity.
  2. Choose the type of Activity from the drop down
  3. Set the due date using the easy add date links or type a specific date
  4. Enter the Title and Details for your Activity
  5. Choose an Owner if you wish to track this against a particular Employee
  6. Apply Tags to set some attributes or relevance to the Activity. The more tags link allows you to choose more specifically from your Tag sets.
  7. Save the Activity


  1. Go to Sales, purchases or contacts
  2. Open up a record
  3. Under the “Activities’ area at the bottom click on “New”
  4. This will record this activities against this record.

How do I create a new type of Activity?

Activites are actually a special type of Tag. There is a comprehensive list of startup Activities you can pick from. Add or edit them in the Tags List screen by going to View > Tags and then clicking the Add link to add a new Tag or click on the Tag name to open it in edit mode.

How do I Search/List Activities?

Activities are all those things you do to get business done and at the same time keep everything in one place, inside the Saasu productivity engine. It can be used as an inbox for you and your whole team.

Select the Type – e.g. Tasks, Milestones etc. You can create your own using Tags with behaviour setting Activity

What can I use Activities for?

Think of Activities as much more than things in your todo list. They could be procedures in your business. Milestone goals in your business plan. An Idea that needs review. You control and create how you want to use them. It’s only limited by your imagination.

  • Goals and Milestones
  • Call note
  • Todo – who’s doing what and by when
  • Procedures manual
  • Service Tickets
  • Meeting Minutes
  • File Notes