Aged Payables

The Aged Payables report displays the total amount you owe to your suppliers based on the number of days that have occurred since the invoice date. Each supplier that you owe money to will be listed vertically, with the amount listed horizontally based on the time expired between the invoice date and the date specified in the report filter, the title of each column indicating the number of days.

The Aged Payables report displays unpaid purchase invoices. If an invoice is marked as paid after you have viewed this report, but the date of the transaction is left unchanged, the result of this report may differ when reviewed retrospectively.

These are three options for this report:

Date – Enter the date up to which you want to review the amounts owed. This option defaults to today’s date, so if you are wanting to view your currently position, leave this value as is. If you wish to view how much you owed at an earlier or future date, enter that date.

Contact – You can view this report for one specific contact by selecting that contact from the drop-down list. Select “– All –” (the default) if you wish to view a list of all contacts.

Show Zero Balances – Selecting this option will show all contacts (or the contact you have selected in the Contact drop-down list) even if there is no outstanding amount for that contact.