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Direct Feeds - ANZ Banking Group

You can automatically feed your transaction data from ANZ bank accounts into Saasu. This process is called Direct Bank Feeds. You can activate direct bank feeds from within ANZ online banking by following these steps:

NOTE: Before you connect a direct feed from ANZ ensure that you have a bank Account setup in Saasu to connect this feed to (you can connect to an existing bank account in Saasu or create a new one). Please ensure that the BSB and Account number is correct on the Edit Bank Account page in Saasu (ensure no spaces or dashes are used).

  1. Go to the "Profile" menu.
  2. Select "Activate bank feeds”.
  3. Select “Saasu” from the dropdown.
  4. Enter your Saasu “File ID”. This can be found next to the file name on the Manage Subscription page. Note: Please make sure this is the File ID and not the Subscription ID.
  5. Select the accounts that you’d like to activate as direct bank feeds.
  6. Select “Authority to Disclose Information” and read the terms and conditions.
  7. Check the terms and conditions box if you accept the terms and conditions.
  8. If you are happy with the File ID entered and the accounts selected, select "Send request". If you'd prefer not to proceed, select "Cancel".
  9. A message will display acknowledging the request.

Supported Accounts

Business Online Saver Account
Business Classic Account
Business Extra Account
Business Cash Management Account
Commercial Credit Card
Negotiator Investor Account
Premium Business Cash Account
Negotiator Transactor Account
Statutory Trust Account
GST Payment Account
Farm Management Deposit Account
Below Market Rate Account
Business Driver Account
BML Offset Account
Security Deposit Account
ANZ Business Loan
Business Overdraft (CAP)
ANZ Business Mortgage Loan
ANZ Business Saver Loan
Business Credit Facility
ANZ Revolving Agri Line
Agri Finance Loan
Agri Finance Offset Account
Business Advantage Account
Investment Property Loan (Regulated)
Business Extra 50 Account
Business Premium Saver Account
Business Advantage Overdraft
Access Cheque
Access Deeming
Access Deeming Cheque Account
Access Select NO cheque
Access Select - no signiture card
Cash Management - Personal CMA
Cash Management - Personal CMA
Access Savings Account
Access Basic
ANZ Premium Cash Management Account
Online Saver
ANZ Premium Cash Management Account
Personal Cheque Account
Access Select WITH cheque
Access Advantage - no signiture card
Premier Cheque Account
Access Advantage NO cheque
Access Advantage WITH cheque
Staff Cheque Account
Progress Saver
Progress Home Saver Account
Home Loan Interest Saver
ANZ One - Full Offset - Cheque
ANZ One - Full Offset - Savings
Equity Manager
Equity Manager (No cheque facility)
ANZ Direct Equity Manager (No cheque facility)
ANZ Business One (Billing Acct)
V2Plus (NEW Intermediated)
V2Plus (NEW Intermediated)