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Direct Feeds - ANZ Banking Group

You can automatically feed your transaction data from ANZ bank accounts into Saasu. This process is called Direct Bank Feeds. You can activate direct bank feeds from within ANZ online banking by following these steps:

NOTE: Before you connect a direct feed from ANZ ensure that you have a bank Account setup in Saasu to connect this feed to (you can connect to an existing bank account in Saasu or create a new one). Please ensure that the BSB and Account number is correct on the Edit Bank Account page in Saasu (ensure no spaces or dashes are used). For credit cards, account setup in Saasu is not required.

  1. Sign into ANZ Online Banking and select "Profile".
  2. Select "Manage bank feeds".
  3. For first time users, select ‘Get started’. Otherwise, select "Activate a new bank feed".
  4. Select Saasu from the list of supported platforms, then click "Next" to continue. Note: This requires an active subscription.
  5. Enter your Saasu File ID as the Primary ID, and Saasu Username (email address used to sign into Saasu) as the Secondary ID. Your File ID can be found next to the file name on the Manage Subscription page. Note: Please make sure this is the File ID and not the Subscription ID.
  6. Select the account/s that you’d like to link to Saasu from the list provided.
  7. Select ‘Next’ to continue.
  8. For each eligible account that you’ve selected to link to your software platform, select whether you’d like to add historical data by checking the appropriate box. Historical data options include ‘Last 2 years’ (data from the current and previous financial year), ‘Current year’ (data from the current financial year only), and ‘none’ (no historical data). Historical data is only available at first time setup.
  9. Select ‘Next’ to continue.
  10. Review all your information to ensure that it is correct. You can select "Back" to re-enter and correct any mistakes.
  11. Review "ANZ’s Terms of use and Authority to Disclose (PDF)" by selecting the text link.
  12. When you’re happy, check the box beside "I have read and accept ANZ’s Terms of use and Authority to Disclose (PDF)".
  13. If you have the approval of all other account signatories, check the box beside "I have been authorised by all account signatories to activate this bank feed."
  14. Once you have completed your activation request, select "Submit" to submit it. Note: This process may take up to 48 hours to review and activate.
  15. Select "Done" to navigate to Manage bank feeds.