Bank Feed Matching vs Bank Reconciliation

Saasu allows you to check your financial information the way you like, whether that’s through Bank Feed Matching or Bank Reconciliation.

Method 1: Matching and creating transactions from your bank data

WHERE: Automate > Bank Feeds

Saasu connects to your bank and loads new transactions into your Inbox. Saasu also suggests transactions (blue suggestions) in your Saasu file that match data in your bank feed. You can tick these using the icon provided if it looks correct. If no suggestions exist you can create (plus icon) or search (magnifying glass) for transactions easily from this area until you clear your inbox. You can easily select the “All” folder to see all your matched transactions and also ones that are entered in Saasu that don’t appear in your bank. These have flags against them. Learn more…

Method 2: Reconciling Saasu transactions against your Bank Statements

WHERE: Reports > Bank Reconciliation

The Bank Reconciliation report allows you to check that you have correctly entered all transactions related to a specific bank account. A reconciled bank account occurs when the sum of all transactions on a bank, loan or credit card statement equals the sum of all transactions entered into your online accounting file for that same period and Bank Account. Learn more…