Barcode Scanner

You can use a USB barcode reader plugged into your PC with Saasu. This enables you to generate item invoices for items that have been set up in the inventory.

The barcode of the particular item will first have to be set up as the Item Code for that item in Saasu inventory. The simplest way to do this is to scan each item’s barcode and set them up in spreadsheet (CSV) format, to match the Saasu Inventory Items import format. You can then import this list into your Saasu file.

Alternatively, you can go to the Add > Item screen, scan the barcode into the ‘Item Code’ field, fill in the necessary details, and save the item.

Once the inventory items are set up properly, select Settings (for this file) > Item auto-complete should use > Code.
Now you can start entering item invoices in Saasu using the barcode scanner. When you want to scan an item’s barcode, position the cursor in the ‘Item’ field of the invoice and scan the barcode. The item code will show up in the Item field, along with the related details.

Troubleshooting Errors

If you are having the issue of your barcode scanner always producing the same result (i.e. when adding a sale, it always select a particular inventory item instead of the item being scanned) then this can be caused by your barcode settings. There are two types of actions a barcode scanner might do depending on how it is setup:

  • Input barcode and stop.
  • Input barcode and then trigger ENTER.

It is recommended to have the first setting selected. This is because after scanning data it may take a while to return results. However if you have the barcode setup to scan and then trigger ‘ENTER’ it may not recognise the relevant result and simply return the first result every time.