Budgets in Saasu can be used for many purposes.

  • Create budgets for your financial year, quarter, month or custom periods you may require.
  • Use Duplicate to quickly create a budget for multiple months. No spreadsheet like table to fill in.
  • Create budgets for Projects, Jobs, Divisions and any other Tags you use in your file.
  • Compare your Budget against the Profit and Loss Summary report.

Create a budget

Before creating a budget decide what time frame you want to operate in. Monthly, Quarterly or Annual.

  1. Go to View > Budgets.
  2. Give the Budget a name e.g. ‘Annual Budget 2010’, or a division budget, this can be any custom name.
  3. Use the Arrows to open up sections of the Chart of Accounts so that you can enter Budget numbers.
  4. Use the Save button in the budget screen to save as you go.

Review Budget Performance

  1. Go to Reports > Profit and Loss Summary.
  2. Choose the Dated dropdown to be the period of reporting you are looking at.
  3. Choose the Compare To dropdown to be the Budget that relates to this period.
  4. Click View Report.

Budget Report Display

Graphs on the right of the budget display variances:


  • Green graph bars
  • Positive %variance for Income

  • Red graph bars
  • Negative %variance for Income