Channel Partners

Affiliates, Referrers, Channel Partner commissions are a common payment type these days. Saasu can help you process these type of payments efficiently.

Creating Purchase commission transactions from every Sale:

Note: This applies only to sales where they are created in the Item layout (not the Service Layout)

  1. After entering a Sale transaction but before saving it choose Do More > Save and create purchase.
  2. A Purchase screen will load automatically with replicated information from your sale except it will be a Purchase for the Item(s) you have just created a Sale for.
  3. Change the Contact to be the legal entity Contact you are paying commission to (instead of it being the supplier if it is set).
  4. Change the Item code to the one you have setup for commission payments. As an example you would have set this Item up as follows:
    – Item Code: XYZC
    – Item Description: XYZ widget (Commission)
    – Buying Price: $200
    Note: Consider the tax treatment for your specific circumstance here and setup the Tax on this Item accordingly.
  5. Save, Print and/or Email the transaction as required for your workflow.

What this achieves is the habit of creating a commission payment every time you create a Sale. It’s not guaranteed to ensure you have captured all commission payments because there is still room for human error. Generally speaking you still need to be following your internal reconciliation procedures at the end of each accounting period to be sure you have captured them all.

Creating Purchase commission transactions from multiple Sales in a period:

  1. Go to Add > Contact and setup the Affiliate/Referrer as a Contact.
  2. As you create each Sales record in Saasu you will create a Contact record for the customer to apply to the transaction. When you do this make sure that you set the Contact Manager field of the Contacts screen to be your Affiliate/Referrer created in the above step.
  3. At the end of each month (or other Commission period) run the Report > Sales Report. You can set the filer to be a specific Contact Manager and then you will see the Sales achieved by that Affiliate/Referrer.
  4. Using this data you can create a Purchase Invoice (in UK, USA, NZ but if Australia an RCTI if approved) for that person.

TIP: The next month you may find it easier to duplicate the previous months commission transaction and simply adjust the Amount. You can also set these up as Automated Sales and modify the amount before emailing them.