Consolidated Profit and Loss

The Consolidated P&L report allows you to combine the P&L Summary reports of a number of files under a single subscription. At least 1 of the files in the subscription needs to be on the Large plan in order to enable this functionality. This consolidation is very useful for seeing multiple business P&Ls in one report.

Create Consolidation Group

Before you can run a Consolidated P&L report you need to first create a Consolidation Group. Note: The Consolidation Group needs to be setup in a file that is on the Large Plan.

  1. Go to Add > Consolidation Group
  2. Enter a name for the group
  3. Add the files to consolidate by selecting them from the dropdown boxes. There will initially be space for 2 files but if you are consolidating more than 2 files then just click on the [+] icon and select the additional file.
  4. Click Save (or Save and Add Another, or Save and Close)

Run Consolidate P&L Report

  1. Go to Reports > Profit and Loss – Consolidated
  2. Select the Consolidation Group you want to run the report for
  3. Select the accounting method – cash or accrual
  4. Choose the date range
  5. Choose whether to show accounts with zero balance
  6. Click View Report
  7. Once the report is displayed you can export this to a CSV file or print the report as it is displayed on screen