ABA Files

NOTE: This Bulk Payment File help note supports Australian Banks only

Saasu supports Direct Entry (DE) or Bulk EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) ABA files. They are a convenient way to make bulk payments by uploading these to your online banking application.

  1. Speak to your bank institution and get the required authorities to process DE ABA files through online banking.
  2. You should receive a Bank Code (3 letters) and Client User ID (Direct Entry APAC ID) for processing DE ABA files from your bank institution.
  3. Go to the View > Bank Account add/edit screen for the bank account you will use to make payments from with the DE ABA files. Ensure the details are filled in correctly.
  4. Ensure you have entered EFT banking details against each contact you will be paying via this method. The DE ABA file won’t validate unless every payment has correct bank details against its contact.

Generating an ABA File for my Purchase Payments

  1. From a list of unpaid purchases, tick the boxes against the ones you wish to pay.
  2. Choose pay selected and enter the details including the reference (as DE ABA or similar).
  3. Save the payment – a DE ABA will become available. You can save this to your desktop by clicking its link.
  4. Sign in to your online banking account and upload the file to the appropriate area for processing by your bank. Because each bank is different, you will need to follow instructions in your bank website or contact them for detailed direction on uploading the file. Note that Saasu does not, at any stage, have the authority to send out payments through your Bank Account on your behalf.

Bulk Payments won’t work for my Bank

Different banks have different rules for accepting the bulk DE ABA files. If your Direct to Bank payment file is not accepted by your bank’s Internet banking application, this might be due to one of the following reasons:

  • With certain banks, the business name that appears in the DE ABA file must be the same as the one you have registered with the bank in order to obtain the bank User ID for DE ABA file processing. Consequently, it is important that the name you have entered under Settings < Manage File Identity area is exactly the same as the one you have given as your organisation name to the bank. Note that the maximum number of characters allowed for the organisation name in Saasu is 75 characters.
  • It’s always better to enter a transaction summary when you apply a payment. If you do not enter a transaction summary, by default, the payment file will be entered as the summary for the payment. It is important you enter a transaction summary related to the payment you applied so that when it appears in your bank statement you know what the payment was for. Note that the transaction summary gets truncated in the DE ABA EFT file if it’s longer than 12 characters.
  • The account name you enter as the bank account name when you are setting up the bank account in your Saasu file has to be same as the one created for you by the bank. For example, if the account name is John Citizen with the bank XYZ, the account name you enter when you set up bank XYZ in Saasu should also be John Citizen.
  • Certain banks do not accept special characters in their DE ABA files. Consequently, it’s important you do not enter any special characters such as ‘#, *, ^’ in the summary for the payment you are applying or for your invoice numbers.
  • Payments via BPay are currently not supported.

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