Email Deliverability

If you use Saasu to email your sales, purchases or statements directly to your customers, you might come across instances where the email and attached PDF don’t reach the recipient. There are a numbers of reasons why this could be the case but the main one is that the receiving person’s email server has rejected the email.

  • Not an approved Sender – Saasu sends all emails as  It might need to whitelisted by the recipient mail server (it may maintain a strict filter for inboxes).
  • Recipient Email Account is Full – Notify the recipient and resend manually from the transaction screen.
  • Invalid Email Address – The recipient email doesn’t exist. Check that the recipient hasn’t left or changed roles in their organisation. Sometimes a change of maiden name can cause this.
  • Typo’s – Check the email address doesn’t include a typo. Misread or mistyped characters in the email are common (e.g. the number one is often confused with lower case letter L). If the address we send to gets rejected as “does not exist” then Saasu will not retry that address to prevent our mail servers being flagged as spamming.
  • Disabled email address – Their admins need to reactivate the email address/account.
  • Special characters – Exclamation marks, the use of emoji’s, wingdings and other non alpha-numeric characters are best avoided. Spam algorithms may treat emails with Subject lines containing these as spam.
  • Hash-busting – Inserting random characters in the subject line or content to fool spam filters, e.g. F.ree. p.r!z.e
  • Content – Avoid overuse of links in emails. Domain names you link to should be reputable destinations. Spam algorithms are more likely to treat content as spam if the volume of these is high.
  • Sales phrases – phrases like Click here! or Sale ends soon!!!. Also, words associated with sales content when overused may trigger spam filters and route your emails to junk folders. Risky words include: prize, free, bonus, etc.
  • Caps – CAPS HEAVY SUBJECT LINE AND IN BODY TEXT should be avoided.
  • Your customers email address or domain (website address) is blacklisted – Our email provider stops sending emails to domains that have been blacklisted above a threshold. If you customer was blacklisted then they need to do their best to clean up their domain name with various mail service providers. It is not in Saasu’s terms of service to unblock your customers email from these lists. We recommend you request from them an alternate email to send your transactions to in the event this happens to them.