Import Chart of Accounts

Saasu can import your chart of accounts from Spreadsheets (CSV), MYOB, Xero and Banklink. Please note; When importing Spreadsheets they need to be in comma-separated value (CSV) format and contain a header row.

Importing your Chart of Accounts

  1. Go to View > Import or Export > Chart of Accounts.
  2. Select the software you are coming from and then click Choose File to browse for the file you wish to upload.
  3. Click the Import button.

Sample Files by Industry

To download these files:
PC: Right click on the link and choose Save Link as.. and download the doc to you desktop or folder.
MAC: Right click on the link and choose Download Linked File As.. and download the doc to you desktop or folder.

Format for CSV file

ColumnRequiredVariable OptionsNotes
TypeYesIncome, Expense, Asset, Equity, Liability, Other Income, Other Expense, Cost of Sales) 
NameYesAlpha and/or Numeric.A name that describes the ledger account. e.g. “Petrol”
Default Tax Code  Use Saasu Code names as displayed in Saasu Tax Code drop down lists.
Ledger Code  e.g. Your ledger code from your old software
Is Active Yes, No 
Is Bank Account Yes, No 
Bank Account Name  The exact name your account is in.
Branch/Route  For some countries only including USA and Australia. The branch identifier.
Bank Account Number  Full account number including any leading zero’s
Create Bank File Yes, No 
Bank Code  Unique Code used for ABA Direct Entry files. Usually three characters. e.g. WBC, SGB, CBA, NAB, ANZ
User Number  Some banks require this. ClientID for bulk payments it’s sometimes referred to as. Leave blank if you aren’t sure if you require this to process ABA Direct Entry files.
Currency  Three letter currency code e.g. USD, AUD, NZD

Download CSV


Is there an undo option for importing?

No, if you need to delete the records after importing, you will need to delete them one by one.