Inventory Transfers

The Inventory Transfer screen can be used to remove items from your inventory when you have used them to build folio/combo items. That is, reducing the quantity of components used and increasing the quantity of combo items built.

In this example the user has built a toy using (a) Wheels and (b) Chassis. The Folio/Combo Item built from these components is a Toy Car:

  1. Enter the Date that the transfer is effective for.
  2. Enter a summary outlining what the transfer represents. e.g. Build Toy Car
  3. The transaction should have the following line items:
    QuantityItemUnit CostLine Total
  4. Check that the out of balance is reporting $0 and then save the transaction.

Inventory Transfer Lists

The Inventory Transfer List screen is used to search and edit Inventory Transfers you have already added to Saasu.

To view a list of Inventory Transfers:

  1. Enter the Date range you wish to search that the transfers occurred.
  2. Select a Tag you may have applied your transactions to in order to further filter down what you require in the list.
  3. Click the Show button to generate the list.
  4. You can click on the Date column heading to further sort the list as required.