Manage Invoices Online

Saasu Online Accounting has a free invoice portal where you can collectively see all invoices issued to you by any business that uses Saasu for online accounting. You can:

  • View list of all invoices issued to you by any business using Saasu.
  • Pay invoices from the portal. When the payment is successful, the invoice is marked as paid.
  • Opt in to a recurring charge, update your credit card details and opt out from recurring charges.

Foreign currency invoices aren’t supported sorry. They appear as read only.

Save and manage your invoices

Saasu – the small business accounting software which runs in the cloud, is used by thousands of businesses for invoicing their customers. If you have received an invoice such as the one shown in the screenshot below, it means your supplier has issued you the invoice using Saasu.

Save an Invoice

You have the ability to save an invoice issued to you via Saasu, so you can log in anytime and view and/or pay the invoice from the Invoice Management screen. It is a free, convenient portal to locate and action supplier invoices issued via Saasu.

When you click on Save Invoice button, you will be prompted to create an account for yourself with Saasu for security purposes. This ensures that only you – the intended recipient of the invoice – will be able to securely access it at anytime. Creating your account only takes few seconds and you will then be redirected to your Invoice Management screen which will display the saved invoice.

Manage Invoices

After creating your account, whenever you receive an invoice issued via Saasu again, you will see the Manage Invoice button as shown in the screenshot below.

When you click on the Manage Invoice button, it will prompt you to enter your password for the Saasu account you created in order to authenticate and redirect you to a list of all your invoices.

Want to try Australian Made Saasu online accounting for your own business? Accounting including payroll and inventory at just $15 per month. Click on “Try Saasu For Free” button in the Invoice Management screen to get up and running. Or head to our home page to start a free 30 day trial from there.