Money Transfer

Quite often businesses repatriate money back to the home currency bank account from foreign currency bank accounts or the reverse and need to transfer money overseas. International money transfers can be entered into Saasu as a Journal as per the following example:

  1. From the main menu, select Add > Journal.
  2. Set the date to be the same as that on the bank statement or Money Transfer providers receipt.
  3. Enter a summary that explains the transaction.
  4. Select a contact if you want to track these types of transactions against the bank you used to arrange the transaction.
  5. Change the currency to be that of the Foreign Bank Account (USD in the pictured example).
  6. Enter a credit amount for the Bank Account the money is leaving. Make sure that the currency of the transaction and the currency of the account you’re crediting are the same.
  7. Enter a debit amount for the Bank Account the money is arriving in.
  8. Untick the currency automated rate feed check-box.
  9. Enter the rate the bank has provided manually (or wait and see what the exchange rate is on your bank statement).
  10. Add an extra line to the journal if you want to split out Bank Fees from the Currency Exchange amount.

International Money Transfer providers that Saasu works with: