Multi-Month Profit and Loss

The Multi-Month Profit & Loss report summarises your earnings (profit or loss) across a number of months based on the transactions entered into Saasu. The information is in a table format. The report is able to calculate projections. The Multi-Month Profit & Loss report generates the same data as the Profit & Loss report when running that report for individual months.

Tax exclusive numbers

That report doesn’t include the tax on Sales and Expenses you make in business as they are liabilities or credits to/from your Tax Authority.


The projections are averages of monthly data you select in date range filter (‘Report for’). If the date range selected for actual data covers a 7 month period say 1/7/2002 to 31/1/2003 then the average for that period is used to generate the forecast for future months from 1/2/2003 onward. As such they are not a variable based forecast or forecasts but are simply projected averages.

Using Tags with the Multi-month Profit & Loss Report

Transaction tags (tags that you use for the entire transaction, located at the bottom of the sales or purchase) can be applied to the report. However, Line Item tags (tags that are attached to each line item on the invoice) cannot be used to run the report.

When you set the filters for this report only transactions with the Tag chosen will be used when the report is created. For Bank, Asset and Liability accounts this may mean that some transactions are not included and therefore totals may not represent the actual value of those Assets and/or Liabilities(just a portion of them).