Multi-Year Profit and Loss

The Multi-Year Profit and Loss Report summarises your earnings (profit or loss) across a number of years based on the transactions entered into Saasu. The report shows this information in both as a chart, and in a table. The Multi-Year Profit & Loss report shows all amounts without GST/VAT/TAX.

The options you chose on the report settings screen appear at the top of the report. If you want to change these options, click Change Report Settings at the top of the report.

Using Tags with the Multi-Year Profit & Loss Report

Transaction tags (tags that you use for the entire transaction, located at the bottom of the sales or purchase) can be applied to the report. However, Line Item tags (tags that are attached to each line item on the invoice) cannot be used to run the report.

When you set the filters for this report only transactions with the Tag chosen will be used when the report is created. For Bank, Asset and Liability accounts this may mean that some transactions are not included and therefore totals may not represent the actual value of those Assets and/or Liabilities (just a portion of them).