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Payroll (Pays)

Zone: Australia (AU)

Transaction information

Screen ItemDescription
DateEnter the date that the transaction occurred (i.e. when the money was paid) in this field.
EmployeeSelect the employee you have paid from this drop-down list. To add a new employee go to View > Employees
Bank AccountEnter the bank account that was used to perform the transaction in this field (i.e. where the money was paid from). To add a new Bank Account go to View > Accounts.
ReferenceInclude additional reference to identify the transaction, or to cross-reference with your bank records. You can use this field to store anything you like. e.g. a BPAY reference or cheque number.
Requires Follow-upCheck this box if you need to put further information into your Payroll entry at a later date.
SummaryTo make it easier to find and identify your transactions, enter in a brief summary here. This summary appears in some reports and transaction lists. For more detailed information about the transaction, use the Notes field instead.
TagTo allow you to better monitoring of which projects, business division or investment your employee is working on you can use Tags. Add Tags by typing them into the Tag field or choose one from the Tag cloud below it.
Period Date RangeTrack the pay period for this entry. e.g. From the "1-July-2017" to the "14-July-2017". NOTE that these fields are not used in Entitlement accrual calculations such as Annual Holiday Leave. These calculations are controlled by the setting in the Employee Details screen at View > Employees.
Notes (internal)Sometimes you need to store more detailed information about a transaction for tax or reference purposes.
Notes (displayed on payslip)Used to communicate information not stored anywhere else Saasu payroll. e.g. for a greeting "Merry Xmas!"
Print/View PDF PayslipGenerates a PDF Payslip that can be printed or saved. There are fold lines and addresses to the Payee and Payer appropriately placed so that you can use a standard window faced DL Envelope for mailing.
Email PDF PayslipSend an email based confirmation of this pay to an employee (payee) and/or employer (payer).

Pay Items

Screen ItemDescription
Wages & SalariesGenerally the core wage components. For example, hourly pay, overtime or commissions. Generally taxable but seek your own advise for your specific circumstances.
DeductionsUnion fees or charity deductions made from the employees bankable pay. These may be deductible or non-deductible for tax calculation purposes depending on your specific circumstances.
Tax WithheldTax components calculated or added manually based on taxable pay items for the period.
Employer ContributionsPensions, Superannuation and others as you specifically add them for your circumstances.
EntitlementsAnnual Holiday Leave, Personal Sick Leave and other employee entitlements as per your legal and/or contracted requirements.


Screen ItemDescription
Add another pay item from this pay.
Add a comment to this pay item (ONLY for this specific transaction).
Setup or Edit Pay Items used in Payroll System
Delete this pay item from this pay.

Pay Variables

Tick the Auto-Calc check box to over-ride automatically calculated amounts.

Screen ItemDescription
HoursThe hours of time used to calculate the pay item for this pay
RateThe financial rate used to calculate the pay item for this pay
AmountThe financial amount calculated by multiplying rate and hours OR by accepting a fixed amount for this pay.

Payroll Entries List

This screen lists the payroll entry transactions you have entered into Saasu based on the options selected at the top of the list. You can add new transactions from this screen by clicking on the Add icon at the top of the list.

You can combine multiple options at once. For example, you can specify a date range and an employee.

You can use this screen to print out a pay summary for an employee by selecting the employee name from the drop-down list and setting the date range appropriately.

Employee - You can use this option to show only those transactions that have been entered for a specific employee. For example, to show only transactions made with the employee named "Joe Bloggs", select the "Bloggs, Joe" employee from this list and click the 'Show' button.

To create a new employee, click the 'Employees' link in the Setup section of the main menu (on the left side of the screen). For more information on setting up contacts and how you can use them in your file, see the Getting Started Guide

Date Range - The date range option allows you to limit the transactions listed to those that fall within the dates specified. For example, if you wanted to see only transactions that were dated between July 1 2017 and July 31 2017 you would enter "01/07/17" into the first date field, and "31/07/17" into the second field, and then press the 'Show' button.