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Quotes and Estimates

Saasu quotes are used to advise your customers regarding the approximate costing for your goods or services. The format of the quote displays in two ways:

You can change the type of quote by clicking the Service or Item links in the Sales screen (just above the list of items in the sale).

When you convert your Quote/Estimate to an Order or Invoice, Saasu makes a copy of the original quote for your records and still gives you a chance to edit the amounts, etc to reflect what actually occurred for the final Order or Invoice.

Adding a quote or estimate:

  1. Click the plus icon beside Sale in the main menu.
  2. Select Quote from the first dropdown list.
  3. Select your contact.
  4. Enter the date if it is not already specified.
  5. Enter the summary you would like your customer to see, eg Lawn Mowing.
  6. Choose the type of quote (Service or Item). This is more about the layout than whether the quote is for goods or services. In other words, you could select Item style for a billale hours quote -  i.e. 5 x 1 Hour Consulting at $50 per hour.
  7. Save and Email/Print as required.