Requires Follow-up

The Requires Follow-up report can be used like a check list of transactions that need extra work, information or amendments. Think of it like a queue of unfinished work. As you enter transactions you can tick the requires follow-up box which will have them appear in this report. When you have done the required follow-up for your transaction just un-tick the box in the transaction and it will no longer appear in the report.

Some reasons you might do this when entering transactions are –

  • you need more information to finalise the transaction such as a physical document, receipt or information
  • you need to confirm the final amount as some bank or FX fees are expected to be added to the transaction amount when it has processed through your bank account
  • you have a question to ask someone about the transaction
  • for a Purchase/Expense you need to confirm the transaction was authorised
  • you have purchased a foreign currency item and you don’t yet know what the local currency amount is and you would like to amend the transaction when it appears on your credit card statement or bank account.