Sales Report

The Sales Reporting in Saasu is designed to allow you to understand who you best customers are and the profile of your sales across your business. Many variations of information can be created from this single report using dynamic filters and options (the report COG icon)

Using the Sales Report:

  1. Go to Reports and then click Sales Report (under the Transaction reports section).
  2. Click the COG Icon to the right of the reports RUN button.
  3. Choose the method to select your date range and then enter a date range if not pre-filled.
  4. Choose whether you want to produce the report based on your Items (Default), Contact or Shipping Contact
  5. Filter by “Include any Tags, Include all Tags, Exclude any Tags, Exclude all Tags” to allow you to see segmented information about your business. Multiple Tags can be chosen in this report.
  6. Turn on or off the options as required for Display amounts excluding tax and Include orders
  7. Choose how many results to display in the Top performers list.
  8. Choose the type of chart between Pie chart or Column chart.
  9. Click the Run button.

Emailing Report

You can email your sales report by clicking the email icon in the sales report toolbar (shown in the screenshot above).

Exporting Data

After the report has run you have an option to export to spreadsheet file for use in Microsoft Excel, Google Docs and OpenOffice.

Matrix Reporting

Normally you could only apply a single Tag to a report to view one slice of your pie. You can apply multiple Tags to this report to see Sales from many different perspectives and opening up insights you hadn’t seen about your business.