Statement of Activity

This report allows you to view and print a statement outlining all of the financial activity between your organisation and a specific contact (customer or supplier). This is most typically used when tracking down customer invoices and payments, although Saasu allows you to view all financial activity for a contact regardless of whether they are a customer, a supplier, or both.

Report Options

ContactSelect the contact you wish to view this report for from the drop-down list. You must choose a contact before you can view the report.
Date RangeEnter the start and end date of the period for which you wish to view the report. By default these fields are set to view the activity over the last month.
Include received invoices and related paymentsAs noted earlier this report is typically used to show activity for customers only. There are cases in which you want to see all activity (issued and received invoices and payments); for example, if you have a contact who is both a customer and a supplier. If you want to see all activity, tick this check box.

After the statement appears you can decide whether to print it or email it as a PDF.

The Opening Balance on the statement is the sum of all Sales and Purchases (including payments) for the period prior to the Contact Statement period you used in the filters when you created it.