Stock Alert Report

The Stock Alert Report lets you know when your inventory levels are falling too low. It displays a list of the Inventory Items that have fallen below their defined Restocking Alert level. You set this level when you set up each Inventory Item or Combo Item. The report also allows you to order or purchase these items whose levels have fallen too low.

  1. The first time you go to this report you will be asked if you wish to show Active inventoried items. You can change this drop down list to All or Inactive if you prefer. Click Show when you are ready to proceed.
  2. The report displays a list of Inventory Items where the stock on hand has fallen below the Minimum Quantity for Restocking Alert level set for each item. Note: It also displays Combo Items that have fallen below their minimum levels.
  3. Icon-link options are available for you to add Order Selected or add Build Selected items that you have marked using the check boxes in the listing on the left most column. Note: Ensure you only select items that you buy from one supplier before you click on one of these Icon-link options.