Theme Library

Sets the design and content of your Sales, Purchases, Pays, Statements and other PDF’s you send from Saasu.

NOTE: Saasu Files create after 29th January 2019 use our Theme Library to set the look and content of their Sales, Purchases, Payroll, Statements and other PDF’s/Emails you send from Saasu. This help note covers these Files. If you have an older Saasu file and you haven’t opted into this new version then you can learn how to use the old Templates with HTML Themes feature here. The old version will work through to 1st August 2023. Before then we will release more features.

To setup your Theme:

  1. Go to Settings (cog icon) > Settings for this file > Theme Library (tab)
  2. Click Themes to select your preferred invoice style from available inbuilt themes.  Please click on any inbuilt theme design (Block Colour, Minimalist, Subtle Lines) to set that theme as a default theme for your invoices, receipts, pay advice etc. within your Saasu file.
  3. Click Colour to choose colours to your selected default theme, so that your invoices, receipts, purchase orders, pay advice etc.represents your business’s brand.
  4. Click Fonts and choose an option so that your invoices, receipts, purchase orders, pay advice etc. represents your brand.
  5. Click Content and for each type of document you can set some default text. As examples this might be special conditions of transaction, a sign-off line for accepting quotes or simply “Thanks for your business”. These auto-saved notes will be displayed at the bottom of your document.