Time Billing

In Saasu we treat time like any other commodity. To charge for time you use an Item Sale. This method lets you:

  • Do the calculations for you to add up time and service charges as you create your sale.
  • Bill more easily than if you had used a Service Sale.
  • Use 3rd party timesheet Apps that connect to Saasu to bill time (they use our API to send time sheets or blocks to Saasu and create invoices).

Before charging for time you need to set up the units and rates of time you charge for in your business.

You can keep a track of time using View > Timesheets. You can then run a report for each billing period to see how much time has been worked that you will be charging (Invoice) or paying for (Purchase).

Inventory items can be created for Time Blocks (Minutes, hours, days), Fixed Rates (for regular service charges) and Package Rates (bundling products and services). Here’s and example electricians inventory item list:

CodeDescriptionSelling Price
COFMCall out fee – Per mile$2.00
COFGCall out fee – General$60.00
HRJHourly rate – Junior$40.00
HRTHourly rate – Trade Qualified$80.00
FG1KGFreight – General per 1KG$1.25
FG1LBFreight – general per 1LB$1.25

How to bill time

  1. Select Add > Item and the Add Inventory Item screen displays.
  2. Give your item of time a code and description.
  3. Tick Sell (you won’t Inventory or Buy time most likely).
  4. Enter the income account, tax code, selling price (hourly rate) and then save the screen.
  5. Create your item sale by going to Add > Sale.
  6. Fill in the Sale details and then when you get to the Layout choose Item if not already selected.
  7. Enter a quantity. e.g. two hours fifteen minutes work (2:15) would be entered as 2.25 units.
  8. Select the Item code created above (you’ll see the rest of the line calculate automatically).
  9. Add more products or labour charges as required and save the transaction.

To track jobs or projects add Tags when raising the Sale above in step 5 onwards and you can then report on that Tag