Transaction by Account

This report lists transactions grouped by tag or account. This report is useful for checking your data entry, performance monitoring and tax preparation.

The report is helpful in finding inconsistencies that may have occurred during data entry. Here’s some example scenarios:

  1. You want to find whether sales invoices were entered correctly for several transactions that took place last week, you can enter the date period and select the Account the transactions should have been recorded against. After you run the report the transactions may appear under the correct Account but you realise couple of them have incorrect amounts.
  2. If some of them don’t show up in the report under the correct Account for the date period, it means either the transaction was not entered into Saasu at all or the transaction details has been entered incorrectly by the user, such as the date or an incorrect Account. Read more about finding missing transactions.

Filtering with Tags

If you chose to Show Tags Expanded in the report options, each Tag will be listed separately. If you chose not to Show Tags Expanded in the report options, there will be one list containing transactions for all Tags.


The options you chose on the report settings screen appear at the top of the report. If you want to change these options, click the cog wheel next to the print button at the top of the report.

Using Tags

When you choose to limit this report to show transactions from a specific Tag, the amounts shown for Bank Accounts may not show the actual value of those Assets and/or Liabilities. This is because the report will only calculate totals based on the transactions for that specific Tag, and some transactions relating to these accounts may not be present in this calculation.