Trial Balance

The Trial Balance report provides a total for every Account in your file, as at the chosen date, so that you can ensure that your accounts balance. Balancing your accounts helps you to identify any possible errors with the information you have input.

If you want to change these options click Change Settings at the top of the report.

When you choose to limit this report to show transactions from a specific Tag, the amounts shown for Bank, Asset and Liability accounts may not show the actual value of those Assets and/or Liabilities. This is because the report will only calculate totals based on the transactions for that specific Tag, and some transactions relating to these accounts may not be present in this calculation.

Saasu is built on a Double Entry Accounting method, which means that every transaction has two parts, a Debit (DR) and a Credit (CR). For each transaction in Saasu, the total of the Debit part should equal the Credit part – if you subtract the Debit total from the Credit total the result should always be zero. The Trial Balance report does this for you to ensure that all the transactions that you have entered have an equal Debit and Credit component.