Want to receive payments online?

Get paid faster, with the Saasu + PayPal integration. Start receiving
credit/debit card or PayPal payments today, straight from your invoices.


Why use the Saasu + PayPal integration?

PayPal enables businesses to get paid online, on mobile, in person or by email from a single account.

Quick and easy setup

Simple click to pay online Saasu invoice for your customer

Your customer is presented with simple trusted PayPal checkout

Get started

1. Sign up for Saasu

2. Activate Paypal

*Other fees apply. If you are new to PayPal, you must also complete PayPal’s account registration processes before you can access the payments you receive. The PayPal service is provided by PayPal Australia Pty Limited (ABN 93 111 195 389) which holds Australian Financial Services Licence number 304962. Please read and consider the Combined Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement before acquiring or using the service.