System Status

10th July 2020 at 10:00pm – Known issue resolved but some specific user issues still exist and are queued with engineers for fixing over coming hours.

10th July 2020 at 6:11pm – Known issue accessing file from file selection screen under investigation.

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How fast should screens load and transactions save?

  • Transactions up to 10 lines: <3 seconds.
  • Transactions 10+ lines: 5+ seconds.
  • Reports (1 page): 1 to 10 seconds
  • Reports (10+ pages): 10 to 30 seconds
  • Reports (50+ pages): 30+ seconds or a time out.

My connection seems slow is it me or is it Saasu?

We can do a Trace Route test to tell if there are network issues between our servers and your location.

  1. Go to the connection test tool.
  2. Type in
  3. Click Test Now
  4. Take a screen shot or photo of the results and send it to