Online Accounting

Online accounting serves the same function as accounting software that you would install on your computer, except it runs on our servers and you access it using your web browser, over the Internet. Your data is securely stored and processed on our servers—or “in the cloud”. This means you are able to access your business financials from anywhere and using any device, as long as you are connected to the internet.

There are many benefits to using online accounting. In addition to the flexibility of accessing your data from anywhere, you never need to install software on any device and updates are automatic. Our servers are actively monitored and maintained, and we believe have a much higher level of security than many small business networks and staff laptops. Here’s just some of the ways that Saasu can help you unlock your business’ potential.

The many benefits of Online Accounting

Take charge of your accounts, and your lifestyle

Get out from behind your desk, and choose a work style that suits you.
Enjoy the freedom of viewing your business data on-the-go, and working where and when it suits you.

We’ve designed Saasu to be beautifully functional on any device—whether you use a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Saasu makes real-time data available to you whenever you want it – so you and your business advisors are always basing your decisions on accurate information. Give them access to your Saasu file, so they can continue to assist you making the best decisions going forward.

All your systems in sync

Saasu connects to popular business apps, updating everything in real-time and minimising time spent on data entry.

There’s just one customer database to maintain. Synchronise your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with Saasu, and ensure all your customer records are up to date—no matter where you look. Update a phone number in Saasu, and it appears in your CRM. Likewise, any changes made in your CRM flow back into your accounting system.

Saasu currently supports connections to Online Accounting Best of Breed Add-ons.

Keep stock levels up-to-date. Saasu’s inventory integrates with several e-commerce platforms—which means you don’t need to spend time or money building and maintaining a separate website database.

Product names, prices, availability and more are automatically pushed through to your website.

Saasu currently supports connection to PayPal, eWay, Stripe, Shopify, Magento and others.

Take the pulse of your business

Keep on top of your business performance and cashflow with Saasu’s built-in reports and dashboard.

Run reports on transaction and contact activity, and delve even deeper into what makes your business tick. With all the calculations done for you, you just have to make sure the graph is trending the right way.

Tag transactions and Contacts to better analyze your financials

Tag contacts and transactions into business segments groups, geographical locations, or any other category applicable to your business.

Get paid, sooner

Saasu makes it easy to invoice your clients and keep track of your cashflow, so you always know where the next payment is coming from.

Send invoices on-the-spot. The sooner you send it, the sooner they can pay you. Use Saasu on your mobile device to create and send invoices for jobs as they transpire, before you’ve even left the site or stood up from the meeting table.

Let them know you mean business, with professional looking invoices.

Let the paperwork look after itself by scheduling invoices to send automatically to your regular customers. Automatically bill their credit card at a regular frequency.

Automatically follow-up overdue payments using automatic statements to keep on top of your cashflow.

Track your expenses

Keep on top of your purchases by scheduling payments in advance and paying multiple suppliers at once.

Categorise expenses so you can run Purchase Reports that make it easy to see where your money is going.

Schedule recurring purchases to save you manually creating those regular bills such as internet services and other utilities.

Avoid the spreadsheet jungle

Think you’re too small for accounting software? Worried you’ll find it too confusing?

Data that makes sense and is more accurate is possible with online accounting. You may have hacked your spreadsheet to work, but what do your accountants and business advisors think of it? Saasu not only makes it easy for you to enter business activity, but to review it in a way that is meaningful.

Duplicate data entry is a risk in spreadsheets. It can also be a challenge making sense of your data. Saasu can connect directly with your e-commerce website, CRM or other business systems so the data in those systems is pushed through to Saasu. This means that once the connections are set up, your accounts are up-to-date without extra work.

No more waiting on your accountant because Saasu presents your accounts in a usable form, there’s less need to rely on your bookkeeper or accountant to explain what’s going on. Of course, for specialist business advice and opinion they will still be the ones you turn to—but for an understanding of your day-to-day performance and activity, Saasu has you covered.

Saasu is built to make accounting easy, so it’s simple to learn. The buttons, graphs and language used throughout the app are designed to guide you, not confuse you. And, because we’re working hard behind the scenes to make your accounts make sense, you don’t have to, which means no more complicated spreadsheet formulas.

Increase productivity

With the right tools, you can get more done.

Spend less time reconciling receipts. Saasu’s automatic bank feeds connect directly to your bank accounts, and update the information in your file every day. This means no more manual entry of transactions, or cross-checking against receipts. All you have to do is sign-in, and match each transaction in your file.

Automate processes. Saasu connects to your other business systems, and updates automatically. This eliminates the need for entering data more than once, maintaining duplicate databases and constantly trying to keep all systems in sync.

Make the most of down-time. Stuck on the train? Delayed at the airport? Because you can sign-in to Saasu from anywhere, you don’t have to wait to get back into the office to be productive. This means any moment you have free can be used to reconcile your accounts, send out a few invoices or run reports to see how performance has been for the week.

Delegate tasks. Saasu lets you assign user roles, controlling who can view and edit specific information, and letting you share some of the responsibility. This means you can let staff and contractors enter their own timesheet information, without being able to see sensitive business information. Or, you can let your accounts team work through purchases, without being able to see pay and pay run details.