Email Template

Where: View > Templates > Email tab or Cog Icon > Settings > Email Templates (if you started using Saasu after 29th January 2019)

Saasu provides you with the ability to email invoices, purchases and statements directly to customers and suppliers from within Saasu, without additional email software or plug-ins.

The email template handles the information that is included in the body of the email, whereas the PDF template handles the information contained with invoice, purchase or statement that is attached to the email.

In the email template you can use merge fields to include customer information such as name, company or other information contained within the contact data.

Using Email Templates

  • Use ‘,’ to separate multiple addresses, e.g.,
  • Make it a default template to have the email form pre-filled for you automatically with these values when you email your invoice, statement or payslip.
  • Test to see how it looks good in common email applications such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail.

Preventing email being sent to spam

A few simple things will help prevent your email being treated as spam in most cases. We obviously can’t control this happening. It will happen in some cases.

  • Add an SPF record for Saasu to your Domain Name DNS entry
  • Have customers add you to their friends list in their email applications and/or servers.
  • Don’t include too many links in your email
  • Make sure your subject and content avoids too many spam like words. Multiple uses of FREE, CHEAP etc
  • Make sure links included are to reputable destinations
  • Having the sender email address the same as the sender name can help. e.g. the email address has the name Saasu Service on our emails.

BCC your emails to a mailbox you own

Setup a mailbox for your business that can act as a repository containing a copy of all the email you send out. e.g.

Don’t use Email templates for

  • Marketing by sending quotes/invoices soliciting business that has not already had a customer opt-in to buy a product or service from you.
  • Any other use other than the intent to deliver an invoice to a contact for the purposes of finalising a pre-agreed transaction.

Does Saasu keep a copy for me?

You can always print/view a copy of an invoice or statement from within Saasu but we don’t provide email storage at this stage. We suggest you BCC everything you send out to your contacts.

Do merge fields work in Email templates?

Yes. You can use merge fields such as {BillingContact.FirstName} to personalise your emails. Please see Merge Fields for details.

Can I use a different template when emailing a contact

At present this is only available in Automated Transactions to allow different templates to be used for different groups of contacts you send to. In a later release we will allow you to choose an email template when you go to send a manually created transaction but at present this only uses the Default template.