Bank Feeds

Bank Feeds vs Bank Recs
Bank Feed Security

Your bank and credit card transaction data can be downloaded into Saasu online accounting securely and automatically. You can then easily create transactions from this data and you can reconcile these transactions against existing transactions in Saasu. Bank Feeds will only connect to AUD accounts.

Saasu uses three methods to collect data from your financial institutions, Direct Feeds, Yodlee Feeds and API Feeds.

Direct Feeds

Bank –>  Saasu

Saasu has direct connections with some financial institutions and can receive transaction data sent directly from banking systems into your online accounting file. These are the most reliable form of transaction feeds available. We have to pay bank fees to the banks in some cases to access your data, so Saasu has to cap the transactions we allow via this method.

Which financial institutions does Saasu have direct feeds with?

Skript Open Banking Feeds

Bank –>  Skript –>  Saasu

We have just integrated with Skript, for Open Banking bank feeds within Australia which are proving to be extremely reliable and easy to use. See further information on connecting with Skript.

Yodlee Bank Feeds

Bank –>  Yodlee –>  Saasu

Yodlee is the biggest bank data feed provider in the world supporting thousands of banks. Saasu supports connections on the platform for the top 10 banks in USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

Bank feeds have been a feature of Saasu for several years now and as such, they have become more robust and reliable over time. We monitor performance of the feeds, possible errors and error rates. However, there can be problems from time to time. We work with our customers and Yodlee to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. We also have dedicated staff resolving bank feed issues as quickly as possible.

The availability of a connection to Yodlee depends on the financial institution having processes that are compatible with the Yodlee method of collecting data feeds, and that the Yodlee Inc internet sites are not blocked by the financial institution.

Supported Yodlee Bank Feeds

To see if your bank is supported:

  1. Select View > Bank Accounts
  2. Select the Bank Account you are wishing to connect, or alternatively click Add and add this account. Once saved, in orange you will see “Enable Automatic Bank Feed”
  3. In the Connect to Bank Page start typing your banks name in the “Please Select Your Bank” field. NOTE: Bank names are sensitive to punctuation.
  4. If your bank is supported it will display as you start typing.
  5. Bank Feeds will only connect to bank accounts in the same currency as your base file currency. E.g. You have a file in AUD, you can only form connections to bank accounts in AUD currency.
  6. While we are unable to test every single type of login connection for every bank nor support request for new connections, we do value your feedback regarding where we should focus our efforts to improve Saasu’s banking integration. Feedback can be submitted to our service team. In case automatic bank feeds is not available, the alternative is to import bank statements.

API Feeds


Saasu collects data from 3rd parties via an Application Programming Interface (API). It’s a reliable, free, fast and secure way to collect data. Banks are slowly starting to adopt to this new best practise but to date has been dominated by disruptive companies like PayPal. More…

Un-supported Bank Data via Yodlee

Data you can import as CSV (spreadsheet files) that you export from online banking.

  • ANZ Commercial Credit Card – supported by ANZ Direct Feeds option
  • CBA Commbiz – supported by Skript
  • NAB Connect – supported by Skript
  • Westpac Corporate