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Online Payments

Offering your customers the option of paying online helps you avoid the common headaches that come with chasing and receiving payments, and managing your cashflow. You can get paid faster, automatically and with no fuss. There are many advantages but here are a few:

This is a single currency only service supporting the base currency of your Saasu accounting file.

1. Connecting a payment gateway to Saasu

Saasu currently supports four payment gateways: Braintree, eWay, PayPal and Stripe.

Here’s how you can easily enable online invoicing in Saasu, so your clients receive online payment details with their invoices. Please note, you can only enable one payment gateway.

  1. Login to your Saasu file
  2. Click the cog in the main menu and select Settings (for this file)
  3. Select Payment Gateway


  4. On the Payment Gateway Screen click Add
  5. Select your preferred Payment Gateway


  6. All four providers require different credentials. Follow these specific instructions for your current provider below and then come back here and complete the final steps.

2. Enabling Online Invoicing in your templates

Now that you’ve setup your preferred payment gateway, it’s time to enable online invoicing on your templates, so that a link for online payment gets automatically added to your invoices.

Standard Templates

You can use Online Invoicing on Standard invoice templates that use in-built themes (these are the non-customised templates that come with Saasu). This is how you do this.

  1. Go to View and select Templates
  2. Select one of the standard templates on your list
  3. Select the HTML option
  4. Scroll down to Online Invoicing Options and tick Display and tick these two options:
    • ’View invoice online' on Pdf
    • Display 'View invoice online' in email



  5. Click Save

Now your invoice template is ready for online invoicing.

3. Customising the look of the payment link in your templates

You can customise the look and placement of the payment link in standard templates by using a specific Saasu merge field. There are 2 different merge fields you can place in your template depending on your needs.
 You can do this in the Content Tab of the Edit Template screen.

  1. {Url.ViewTransactionHyperlink}
    This merge field will substitute the “View and Pay this Invoice Online” hyperlink that links to your sale wherever it is located in the template.
  2. {Url.ViewTransaction}
    This merge field will place the entire link wherever it is located in the template.

Using this raw link, you could place a button on your template or simply customise the anchor link to use a specific style and/or text. For example:

<a href=” {Url.ViewTransaction} ”>My custom text link</a>

This article Stylish Pay invoice online button from our technology partner Xfive shows you one way of creating stylised buttons.

Learn more about customising your templates.

4. Sending out your invoices with online payment link

Now that you’ve enabled online invoicing on your template, you’re ready to start sending out invoices to your customers.

  1. Go to Sales > Select an unpaid sale > Click Edit
  2. Select Print PDF > Select Tax Invoice Standard exc tax
  3. The Pay Now link will be displayed at the bottom of the invoice


Your customers can click the link on your invoice from any device. When they click the link, they will get taken to this payment window:


When they click the Pay Now button above, they will be prompted to enter their details.


When the payment is completed, you will receive the message below:


When the payment has been made successfully, the invoice will be marked as paid automatically in Saasu and a receipt will be sent to your customer, without you having to do anything! Simple and easy.



Can I add the online invoicing option to my recurring invoices?

Yes, you can. Just follow the exact same steps to add the payment gateway and enable the online invoicing option on your preferred template. Then go to Automate > Recurring Sales > Choose the sale you want to run online invoicing for. Ensure the correct template is selected, save the details, run a preview and the next invoice will be sent with the online invoicing added to it.

Can I add a credit card surcharge to my invoices?

Yes, you can add a credit card surcharge as an additional line item on the invoice. One thing to note is that, if you offer more than one payment method, this surcharge will still be displayed, as there is no way of excluding it automatically if your customer chooses to pay via a different method.

What are the advantages of not charging credit card surcharges?

You lose some revenue by not charging surcharges but there are some very valuable offsets:

Can I use online invoicing for transactions in currencies other than my base file currency?

No, online invoicing is available for transactions that are in the same currency as your base file currency only.

Can I connect multiple payment gateways?

No, you can connect only one payment gateway, either Braintree, eWay or Stripe.