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Dashboard, Reports and API Updates

While we are working on a major feature release we are also releasing a series of minor updates to Saasu that’ll make your accounts work smoother. New Accounts Receivable and Payable dashboard widgets [UPDATE: We’ve added an “ALL” option to see the full list of invoices] It’s now easier to […]

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Saasu API Matures from Beta to V1.0

We have some exciting updates for our Developer community. We’ve just published a new release of the new Saasu API, which takes it from beta to V1.0. With the new resources added today, we now have the vast majority of core endpoints completed in the new API, giving you a […]


Say Hello to the New Saasu API Platform

The new Saasu API platform is here. This initial release provides a basic set of functionality. In time this new API platform will evolve to supersede and surpass the existing API. First some highlights: The new API platform is fully REST based It supports content negotiation so you can request […]